Jean Franko

Jean Franko

Born in Macuto, Venezuela, Jean Franko got his start with Italian for the Beginner and was immediately signed to an exclusive contract with Lucas Kazan Productions and Kristen Bjorn Productions.

During his 5 years as a joint exclusive, he starred in several blockbusters: Decameron, Love and Lust, El Rancho, Rocks and Hard Places, amongst others.

In 2007 he was awarded the GayVN Trophy for Best Foreign Actor for The School for Lovers. A win he repeated in 2008, with The Men I Wanted. Jean Franko's good looks, his furry chest and strong, 'macho' persona made him popular with fans all over the world. He graced countless magazine covers, from "Torso" to "Honcho", from "XFactor" to "Macho".

And the cover of Lucas Kazan Italian Style, a photobook published by Bruno Gmünder (see Wikipedia).

He continues to collaborate with on web-exclusive vignettes.

Jean Franko at home di lucaskazan